Our Solutions

Expert, Customized, Reliable: We elevate container shipping from a service to a strategic advantage. Our global network and dedicated teams of industry experts craft personalized solutions that consistently deliver fast, reliable transit times and optimal value for your business.

Air charter network

Air freight companies with flexibility and guaranteed capacity for your high-value air cargo

Sea freight

Our LCL services make shipping smaller volume cargo across the world simple, reliable and efficient.

Road transport

Access a fast, efficient and reliable service with advanced digital tools

Rail freight

Cargo rail transport is secure, fast, stable and punctual – and has a low environmental impact

Project transport

When you need to move heavy, oversized or complex cargo, we can help


When it's urgent and you need something delivered fast

Link your business to the world:

Whether you're a multinational corporation or a small local startup, we're here to support your business expansion.

Logistics Solutions

Redefining Logistics Excellence - We transcend mere solutions, engineering integrated supply chains that deliver tangible value, streamlining every step from producer to consumer, across diverse industries.

CTI’s Warehousing Services are dedicated to optimizing storage efficiency on a global scale.

This involves the systematic arrangement of items to maximize storage efficiency.
CTI’s Distribution Services leverage a vast global network of strategically positioned distribution centers.
We use a variety of tools and techniques to analyze your supply chain and identify areas where efficiency can be improved.
We have a team of experienced transportation professionals who can help you choose the right transportation mode for your needs and negotiate the best rates.

We've got your global shipping needs covered, no matter your industry

Technology & Electronics logistics solutions

Comprehensive logistics solutions for a dynamic market.


Solutions that improve the world.


Safety, dependability, and effectiveness.


Solutions for cleaner, more eco-friendly energy.


Powering global automotive supply chains.


Ensure total visibility and command over your shipments.


Efficiency meets Convenience: CTI, Your All-in-One Logistic Self-Service Solution

Take charge and stay fully informed about your shipments.

What We Offer

Coordinating cargo delivery through various modes of transportation to reach consumers efficiently.
Storing, managing inventory, and ensuring timely distribution to multiple destinations.
Expertise in rate negotiation, route optimization, and efficient load planning.
Assisting with international shipping, customs documentation, and ensuring regulatory compliance.
Optimizing inventory levels to meet demand while minimizing costs.

Offering technology platforms and software for shipment tracking and supply chain optimization.

Providing consulting services to enhance overall supply chain strategies and operations.

Including order fulfillment, packaging, quality control, and reverse logistics.
Risk Management: Mitigating supply chain risks and developing contingency plans for potential disruptions.
Cost Optimization: Focusing on reducing logistics costs while maintaining service quality.

Track & Trace:

Monitor your shipments online from the moment you place the order until delivery at the destination.

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Purchase order management:

Enhance the efficiency of your inbound supply chains.

Warehouse Management:

Warehouse Management Systems enable you to monitor products from storage to distribution, covering the entire process.