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We Offer Best Delivery Services

CTI prides itself in having a seamless logistics framework. With our door to door delivery services, CTI provides you with logistics solutions that see your supply chain from start to finish.


A Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) performs the functions of an ocean carrier but does not operate the ships. Instead, an NVOCC buys space from carriers and sells this space to shippers. At CTI, we offer you all the ease of owning your own shipping fleet without the stress of managing one.

Trucking Fleet

Through our extensive transportation network in Pakistan, Afghanistan, CIS countries, and the Middle East, CTI Logistics provides an innovative and economical land freight service to bring you closer to your destination.

Custom Clearance

At CTI Shipping, we have condensed how we manage our customs clearance operations to ensure your supply chain never goes through any hurdles. We have an expert team of locals with the right experience to guarantee a smooth run for your logistics solutions at every step of the way.

Warehousing & Distribution

CTI Shipping believes in providing you a solution that helps you from start to finish! To support your sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution needs in multiple countries, we offer highly customizable warehouse solutions. From consultation and design to implementation and evaluation, we do it all!

Pre – carriage, On – carriage

Seaports and inland ports are the basic starting/ending points of freight traffic. However, they are rarely the beginning/ending checkpoints within a transport chain. CTI Shipping organizes all pre- and on-carriage transports for you, ensuring your supply chain runs smoothly from start to finish.

Customer Support

We believe in putting our customers first! If you have any complaints or queries, get in touch with us!

Value Protect

Value Protect also provides alternative carriage terms that offer higher recovery limits on shipping claims. By choosing Value Protect, you have the assurance that you are doing the best for your cargo on its journey.



We Offer Best Delivery Services

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