What is Sea freight?

Sea freight, also known as sea freight, is a mode of shipping that involves transporting goods in large containers on massive ships across the world’s sea. It is a commonly used method for international trade and commerce, especially for transporting bulk or heavy cargo. When businesses have substantial quantities of goods to ship, often exceeding 100 kilograms or requiring multiple containers, sea freight becomes a cost-effective and efficient choice.

The key feature of sea freight is the use of standardized containers that can seamlessly transfer from ships to trains and trucks without the need to unload and reload the cargo. This intermodal capability makes it possible to transport goods across the globe in a convenient and efficient manner, contributing to the globalization of trade and the movement of goods on a massive scale.

CTI Sea FREIGHT Services

CTI Shipping offers specialized Sea Freight services, efficiently facilitating the global movement of your cargo. Our Sea Freight solutions are not only cost-effective but also reliable for international logistics. We excel in containerized cargo management, ensuring the secure packaging and seamless transit of your consignments. With frequent departures along key trade lanes, CTI ensures stringent lead-time adherence and an end-to-end supply chain experience that meets the demands of our discerning clientele.

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