Rail transportation presents a speedy, secure, and dependable alternative for shipping compared to air and sea freight

Security and insurance under rail freight

We prioritize the security and seamless transportation of your cargo. We take several precautions, such as deploying anti-theft devices, container locks, and rigorous surveillance to guarantee maximum protection. Our aim is to give you absolute confidence when entrusting us with your valuable cargo. Additionally, we offer customized insurance solutions through our in-house insurance company, CTI Insurance, to ensure your shipment is adequately covered against any potential risks during transit.

Rail freight transport services

Reliable door-to-door solutions

We offer end-to-end logistics services that cover every step of the transportation process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our customers.

LCL consolidations

With our Less-than-Container-Load (LCL) consolidations, we combine multiple shipments from different customers into one container to optimize capacity and reduce costs.


We also provide Full Container Load (FCL) services, where customers can reserve an entire container for their exclusive use, providing added security and flexibility.

Customs clearance

Our experienced team handles all customs procedures and documentation, ensuring compliance with regulations and avoiding any delays or penalties.

Transport insurance

We offer comprehensive insurance coverage options for our customers’ shipments to safeguard against unforeseen events and minimize potential losses.

Track & trace by GPS

We provide tracking and monitoring of shipments through GPS technology, enabling customers to stay updated on location of their cargo and status around the clock.

Benefits of Rail freight

Great flexibility

Rail freight offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of loading and unloading locations, making it a suitable option for businesses with unique transport requirements.

Environment friendly

Rail freight is an eco-friendly transportation mode that emits significantly lower levels of carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants compared to other modes of freight transport, contributing to a greener supply chain.

Cost effective

Rail freight offers a cost-effective solution for transporting large volumes of cargo over long distances, especially when compared to air or road transport.

High departure frequency

Rail freight offers a high frequency of departures, ensuring timely and efficient delivery of goods and minimizing potential supply chain disruptions.

Short transit times

With faster transit times compared to sea transport and more affordable rates compared to air transport, rail freight offers a balance between speed and cost-effectiveness, making it a favorable option for many businesses.

Rail Freight solutions and benefits

We have a team of rail freight specialists who offer effective rail transportation solutions, delivering a host of advantages that can enhance your supply chain performance.

High Level of security

Based on data, theft incidents from containers transported by rail freight are comparatively infrequent due to the difficulty for perpetrators to approach a moving train and remove cargo from containers on rail wagons. Conversely, theft occurrences from trucks parked at rest areas are more prevalent since they are more accessible targets for criminals.

Multimodal Capability

Our transportation services employ containers and trailers that are suitable for both road and rail freight, enabling effortless multimodal transport. This obviates the need for unloading and loading cargo at intermediate points since the container or trailer can be transferred from train to truck, and vice versa, as necessary. Furthermore, CTI offers the convenience of partial load trailers or containers, optimizing transportation efficiency by consolidating your goods with those of other customers.

Sustainable alternative

Rail freight is recognized as an environmentally sustainable mode of transportation because of its electric-powered operation and significant cargo capacity. In contrast to other transport modes, rail freight generates substantially lower levels of CO2 emissions, making it a highly eco-friendly choice.

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