Rail Freight


Rail freight, also known as rail transportation, is the movement of goods and cargo by train on a dedicated railway network. It offers a secure, efficient, and eco-friendly means of transporting a wide range of products over long distances. Rail freight is known for its capacity to carry heavy loads and is often used for transporting bulk commodities such as coal, grain, and industrial materials. It is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly transportation option, with lower CO2 emissions compared to other modes of transport

Rail provides a fast, safe and reliable means of transport and a better alternate to air and sea freight


What about security and insurance for rail freight?
CTI takes extensive security measures to ensure your transportation is safe and secure, including the use of anti-theft devices, luggage locks and eye care. Our goal is to give you complete peace of mind while transporting your precious cargo. In addition to our security measures, CTI offers claims insurance solutions through our in-house insurance company, CTI Insurance, to ensure that your cargo is well protected against any unforeseen risks in travel time.

Our rail freight transport services:

  • Reliable door-to-door solutions
  • LCL consolidations
  • FCL
  • Customs clearance
  • Transport insurance
  • 24/7 track & trace by GPS

Benefits of Rail freight:

  • Great flexibility
  • Environment friendly
  • Cost effective
  • High departure frequency
  • Short transit times


Rail freight solutions and benefits:

Our teams of rail freight experts deliver efficient rail freight solutions, providing you with a wide range of benefits that can help improve your supply chain.

Advanced Security:
According to statistics, the theft of goods carried by railways is rare, because it is difficult for criminals to approach the train and unload the cargo on the train. In contrast, theft from trucks parked at rest stops is common, as it provides more opportunities for criminals.

Multimodal Capacity:
The containers and trailers used in our transportation services are compatible with rail and road, allowing for seamless multimodal transportation. This eliminates the need to unload and load at transfer points, as containers or trailers can be moved from train to truck as needed. In addition, CTI offers a choice of trailers or containers with parts, allowing for efficient transportation by using the cargo of other customers to transport your goods. Other environmental issues:
Rail freight transport is considered a greener form of transport due to its electric nature and high volume. Compared to other forms of transportation, rail freight emits less CO2, making it an environmentally friendly option.

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