Leading the way towards a more sustainable future

As a leader in transport and logistics, CTI has a responsibility and role to play in helping the industry transition to greener, more environmentally friendly practices

That’s why we committed to the Science Based Targets initiative in 2020 as one of the first companies in the transport and logistics industry.
Our commitment to net zero 2050
We have raised our long-term sustainability ambitions and committed to reaching net-zero emissions by 2050, both in our own operations (scope 1 and 2) and across the value chain (scope 3). We will work to achieve this by following the Science Based Targets initiative to guide all of our efforts. By doing so, we can ensure that our low-carbon transformation always takes into account the latest climate science and is in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement to limit the global temperature increase.

As part of our accelerated sustainability targets, we are implementing short-term 2030 targets to a 50% reduction in scopes 1 and 2 and a 30% reduction for scope 3. These ambitions are based on our recalculated 2019 emissions baseline to reflect our larger business.

Addressing the challenge of scope 3 emissions
97% of our environmental impact is tied directly to our subcontracted freight in the form of scope 3 emissions. To reduce these emissions, we also offer customers a range of Green Logistics offerings.

Ranging from CO2 reporting to strategic supply chain optimisation and sustainable fuel offerings, Green Logistics offers customers throughout the industry an opportunity to introduce greater sustainability in their operations without constraining their business. This is critical if we are to accelerate the green transition and reduce the impact of the transport and logistics industry on climate change.

Minimising our environmental impact
CTI is committed to reducing the adverse impact of our own operations (scope 1 and 2) on the environment wherever possible. For example, we are working to minimise the direct impact of our buildings and ensure any new facilities live up to the highest standards that include BREEAM, LEED, DGNB and a minimum lifespan of 50 years. Other initiatives adopted by our facilities include waste recycling and group-wide targets for waste reduction.

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