Container Specification


  • DRY

This container type is designed to accommodate general cargo. It’s essential to ensure that the cargo does not exceed standard dimensions in terms of length, width, height, or weight, and it should not be in bulk form. These containers are constructed from sturdy steel, which not only ensures durability but also facilitates convenient repairs when necessary.


This container type maintains temperatures for frozen, chilled, or warm cargo. A refrigeration unit is located at the front of the container, powered by a motor generator (on wheels), a terminal (on the ground), or the ship (on board).

An air duct system supplies air from below, circulating it over and through the cargo before returning to the refrigeration unit, ensuring continuous circulation during operation. Adjustable ventilation holes in the unit’s front allow fresh air exchange, preventing the buildup of carbon dioxide, particularly important for perishable goods like fruits and vegetables.

Advanced reefer containers feature precise computerized temperature control, facilitating the safe transportation of various goods, from food to pharmaceuticals, while maintaining their quality.


Flat rack containers are the ideal choice for securely storing and transporting heavy, oversized, and bulky cargo that exceeds standard dimensions. These flat racks feature collapsible end frames for added versatility. Lashing rings are strategically positioned on the bottom side rails, corner posts, and the floor, providing efficient points for securing your cargo with straps or chains. Whether you’re dealing with exceptionally heavy loads or oversized items, flat racks offer a practical solution for safe and reliable transportation.


Open top containers are designed without a solid roof, making them unique for cargo storage. They are covered with a detachable, waterproof tarpaulin that can be fastened securely using ropes. The metal beam located above the container door is versatile and can be opened to the left or right, and it can also be removed entirely from the container if needed. Inside the container, lashing rings at the base ensure cargo remains securely fastened and prevents shifting during transport. These containers are well-suited for accommodating over-height and lengthy cargo, providing an adaptable and practical solution.


    Certain everyday products can be classified as hazardous when transported by sea. This category includes items like propane gas lighters, regular wall paint, fireworks, liquor, garden weed-killers, and more. The transportation of these goods is subject to various restrictions to ensure the safety of both maritime and land transportation.
    At CTI, a shipping and logistics company, we are dedicated to handling dangerous goods with the utmost care and expertise. Our specialized protocols and stringent safety measures guarantee the secure transport of such items, safeguarding not only the goods themselves but also the well-being of all involved in the shipping process.


    Refrigerated cargo, often referred to as “reefer cargo,” is perishable goods or products that require temperature-controlled environments during transportation. These cargoes are typically sensitive to temperature variations and need to be kept at specific temperature ranges to maintain their quality and freshness. Refrigerated cargo is commonly used for items such as fresh produce, dairy products, meat, seafood, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive goods to ensure they arrive at their destination in optimal condition. Refrigerated containers, equipped with cooling systems, are used to transport and store such cargo.
    At CTI, we recognize that the transportation of reefer cargo demands a significant level of expertise and meticulous care to uphold the freshness and extend the shelf life of goods, particularly within the perishable fresh fruits and vegetables sector. Our foremost commitment is to offer you top-tier reefer containers, incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, to ensure the highest standards in refrigerated cargo solutions.


  • SPECIAL CARGO At CTI, we specialize in the safe and efficient handling of special cargo. Our experienced team works closely with you to develop customized solutions for your unique transportation requirements. We ensure that your cargo is delivered securely and on time, whether it’s break bulk, open top, hardtop, flat rack, or platform cargo. Your special cargo is in capable hands with CTI. With our advanced expertise and commitment to excellence, you can trust CTI to manage your special cargo with the highest level of care and professionalism..