At CTI, we're 75,000 dedicated employees, who work in more than 80 countries. Everyday, we strive to move forward

No matter where in this global business you look, you’ll find people looking to move the business, clients and themselves forward.

People are at the core of who we are – the drive, talent and devotion our employees bring to the table every day are what make CTI the exciting place it is. It’s a dynamic and fast-moving environment with rapid decisions at every level – where ambition meets teamwork in an effort to face challenges, succeed, move forward and make a difference.

Our employees are all working to move what the world needs moved. We are trainees, freight forwarders, IT professionals, salespeople, finance specialists, warehouse workers, truckdrivers and many more– and we are all, in a sense, forwarders.
You’ll get the chance to influence your own career path at CTI and move in the direction that’s right for you. Because we believe that people are able to achieve their potential if they take ownership of their own career.

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