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CTI Air Freight provides a safe, efficient, and reliable means of air transportation for your time-sensitive and high-value cargo. Our air services are tailored to your unique needs, and we take advantage of our own-controlled freighter network and strategic partnerships to ensure fast and efficient delivery of your goods across the world.

Our services can help you expand your customer reach globally through stand-alone air transport or by integrating our other inland and ocean transport modes, warehousing, and customs services for a seamless end-to-end solution. With CTI Air Freight, you can be assured of a comprehensive and reliable service that meets your specific air freight needs.

Air Freight Services

Envision has the ability to use a virtual cargo airline that swiftly transports your valuable goods to any location in the world upon short notice.

This is precisely what CTI’s Air Charter Network offers. Our air charter service is customized to meet your specific needs and promises worldwide coverage and extensive capacity, available every day of the year around the clock. Our network not only handles aircraft cargo on designated routes but also organizes and supervises ground processes, ensuring optimal management, security, and efficiency for your priority air charter from start to finish.

The Air Charter Network is the perfect solution for managing exceptional cargo, including pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, microchips, large-scale oil and gas equipment, helicopters, cars, radioactive and explosive materials, and high-value goods.

Why use Air Freight service?

Secure freighter capacity is available for your cargo, with the ability to transport your goods on numerous air routes and schedules across the world. With our Air Charter Network, you will have full control over the entire journey, which is especially crucial for transporting high-value or temperature-sensitive cargo. We provide faster turnaround times on the ground, minimizing the risk of delays by utilizing gateways at less congested airports for passenger flights and overall aircraft movements.

Count on our strategic experience with experts dedicated to organizing ad-hoc air charter services and skilled in chartering all types of cargo aircraft. We will meet your requirements and manage all technical aspects of your charter flight.

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