Dry refrigrated special cargo

Special Cargo

Break Bulk: Special attention is required for large-scale projects. Our team of nautical
experts collaborate with you to develop tailored solutions to address your specific transportation
needs and ensure the safe and punctual delivery of your cargo.

Open Top

In certain cases, conventional loading methods may not be feasible for your
machinery. Our Open Tops provide a fast and efficient crane loading option. Additionally,
our specially designed steel floor editions offer more lashing points than standard Open Tops,
providing even greater security for the transportation of your cargo.

Hard Top 

The Hardtop container is an innovative solution developed by CTI. It offers a variety
of options to streamline your loading process while maintaining the high safety standards you’ve
come to expect from us. Additionally, we’ve implemented measures to ensure that the steel roof
is waterproof, so your cargo will arrive dry and protected.

Flat Rack 

Designed to transport your heaviest cargo, our Flat rack containers are capable of
accommodating a wide range of prelashed and breakbulk cargo.


If your cargo exceeds the typical length limitations of standard containers, our
Platforms provide an effective solution to meet your over-length requirements. Our team of
experts is well-versed in utilizing the most secure lashing points to ensure the safe transportation
of your cargo.

Reefer Cargo

20’ RE & 40’RE 

CTI has made significant investments in reefer equipment in recent years,
establishing itself as one of the largest and most technologically advanced Reefer carriers in
the industry. Our Reefer containers are capable of maintaining a consistent temperature range
of -35°C / -31°F to +30°C / +86°F, ensuring that your cargo remains fresh and of the highest quality,
even in cases of extremely high or low outside temperatures.

Dangerous goods in reefer 

Certain temperature-sensitive commodities require transportation at
specific temperatures to maintain their quality and ensure safety. In some cases, certain substances
are extremely sensitive to temperature changes and require constant temperature control during
shipment, as mandated by government regulations, particularly during summer months.

We prioritize the safety of all individuals involved in the supply chain and take measures to
protect your cargo. We firmly believe that safety is a choice and strive to make the best choices to
ensure the safe transportation of your goods.

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies 

Transporting pharmaceutical products requires a high
level of care and commitment to ensure the safety and well-being of both the producers and end
consumers. At CTI, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards and ensuring the
safe transport of your cargo.

Cold Treatment 

Cold Treatment is a process of treating perishable fruits with temperature to
prevent unwanted insects and larvae from entering import countries and potentially harming their

We are committed to complying with quarantine requirements, and this includes adhering to
specific guidelines for Cold Treatment. During the process, the fruit pulp is cooled to predetermined
temperatures and times that align with the phytosanitary requirements of each import country.
This effectively eliminates insects and larvae during transit, and eliminates the need for land-based
treatments, saving time and reducing potential risks.

Non-Operated Reefer 

We are committed to making shipping more sustainable by taking steps
to optimize our reefer equipment fleet and reduce waste. One way we achieve this is by focusing on
Non-Operated Reefer (NOR) transports, ensuring that all equipment moves are utilized to their
fullest potential.

We also seek to work together with our customers to explore opportunities for loading dry cargo into
Non-Operated Reefer equipment, particularly in regions where such equipment is in high demand.

We encourage our customers to support our efforts to make shipping more sustainable by reaching
out to their sales contacts to see if we can collaborate on NOR transports. Together, we can work
towards a more sustainable future for the shipping industry.

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