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We specialize in providing customized logistics solutions through our Project Transport division for the seamless movement of heavy, oversized, or intricate cargo to any corner of the world. Our team of skilled professionals has extensive experience in handling even the most complex logistics demands for energy, industrial, and capital infrastructure projects. We offer comprehensive transportation services for all phases of energy projects, from renewable energy to oil and gas exploration and decommissioning, covering planning, execution, and everything in between. Whether it involves transporting wind turbines or solar panels, or delivering equipment to remote locations, we possess the knowledge, expertise, and resources to get the job done.

Moreover, CTI’s global network is well-equipped to provide logistics support to governments, aid and relief organizations, and other entities in need of emergency or special cargo transport to conflict or disaster-stricken regions. We are capable of managing logistics operations even in areas without any established infrastructure.

End-to-end services from air and ship chartering to complete project management:

Origin and Destination services

CTI offers a complete range of turnkey project forwarding solutions that include a variety of services at the origin, such as expediting of vendor and purchase orders, marshalling, industrial packing, collection, delivery to port or airport, and export customs clearance. Moreover, at the destination, CTI offers vital information on import regulations and assists with import customs clearance.

Planning and project management

To support customers in the planning stage of large-scale projects, CTI provides detailed advice and identifies potential transport issues based on their extensive local experience. This helps customers make informed decisions and ensures that the project is planned and executed efficiently from start to finish.

Turn your logistical challenges into solutions


We specialize in creating customized loading, unloading, and delivery services for large-scale industrial job sites. Our team works closely with customers to ensure that their unique requirements are met. We prioritize safety and efficiency during the transportation of oversized machinery and equipment, and carefully plan and execute each step of the process.


We understand that many industrial projects are located in remote and isolated areas, which can make accessing them difficult. To address this challenge, we offer a comprehensive range of multimodal transport services that can handle both offshore and inland deliveries. Our expertise in sea, air, rail, and road transportation allows us to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Compliance and Ethics

Transporting oversized cargo to remote locations requires complying with various government laws and regulations. At CTI, we stay up-to-date on all relevant legislation and regulations, ensuring that our cargo movements are in line with all quality, health, safety, and environmental (QHSE) legislation. Our team handles all necessary authorizations and customs clearances to ensure the smooth and efficient movement of cargo.

Industrial Projects

Our project transport team comprises specialists who are dedicated to providing customized solutions for your unique cargo requirements. With our extensive experience in handling unusual cargo, we can plan and execute the job for you, prioritizing safety and efficiency throughout the transportation process. Whether you require loading, unloading, or delivery services, we are ready to meet your needs with our expertise in the field.

World Wide set up

Our worldwide set-up enables us to provide locally available, tailor-made services that can meet the unique requirements of any industry. While our experts have extensive experience in key industries, we welcome clients from all sectors to contact us for their transportation needs. We are dedicated to finding the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for our clients, regardless of their industry. So, if your industry isn’t listed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Petrochemical
  • Energy
  • Mining
  • Engineering

Renewable Energy Resources:

Renewable energy plays a crucial role in diversifying our energy supply and reducing our dependence on environmentally harmful fossil fuels. At our company, we are dedicated to providing innovative, reliable, and customized transport logistics solutions for our clients in the renewable energy sector, regardless of the challenging or remote environment.

As a global leader in energy logistics, we possess specialized expertise in developing and implementing safe, cost-effective transport solutions for the wind and solar energy industries. Our comprehensive services cover all aspects, from the transportation of oversized wind turbine components to the logistics planning for entire solar farms. Our team of experts can assist you with:

  • Air, sea, road or intermodal freight services
  • Dedicated heavy-lift engineers
  • Oversize transport
  • Out of gauge installations
  • Marine and cargo charters, as well as port agency and husbandry services
  • Charter and Emergency Services covering all global regions and time zones 24/7/365
  • Expertise in regulatory compliance

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